The Team

Bighorn Bistro and Bakery is all about family, being owned and operated by Susan and her two children, Hannah and Morgan along with two very close family friends, Max and Davy. The restaurant was born out of a mutual passion for fine food and the mountain lifestyle that only Chamonix can offer.  Susan, Hannah and Morgan lived outside Paris for many years and visited Chamonix often in both winter and summer. When they decided to go into the restaurant business together, the only place they had in mind was Chamonix, and the summer of 2015 saw their dream come true.

Susan heads up the bakery on a day to day basis as well as management of the business with the rest of the team. Hannah runs all of the front of house aspects of the restaurant, while Morgan takes on the general manager role. All of our fine wines and beers are down to Max who runs the sommelier side of things as well as taking on the role of French liaison. Last but not least is Davy, our head chef who brings the American authenticity to all of our menus with a real passion for what he does.