The Bar

We like to think of our bar as a lot more special than the ‘Spit and sawdust’ saloons of the Wild West, but it’s still in true American style. Bighorn Bar is the kind of place you come for a drink after work; you might come in just for just one but you’ll stay the whole evening!

For the beer and lager connoisseurs out there we’ve gone beyond the norm with some great artisanal craft beers from the Brooklyn Brewery as well as the infamous Tank 7 farmhouse ale from the Boulevard Brewing Company, that comes in at a leg wobbling 8.5% by volume.

Our wine cellar is extensive and all of our wines have been hand selected by our sommelier, Max, who prides himself on having great taste! Whether you’re after a cheeky French red or something a little more ‘New world’ we’re pretty sure we have something for every palate.

Finally as of this winter we’ve brought an extensive cocktail menu to our offering and have some well trained mixologists on our team. Our mixed drinks include classics, reinvented staples, spontaneous creations and everything in between.

We serve our full restaurant menu at the bar for those of you wanting a more relaxed dining experience…