Sweet potato fries (Vg) 5€

Hand cut fries (Vg) 5€

Nachos (v)   13€

Homemade flour tortilla chips smothered in melted cheese, topped with chunky pico de gallo & crème fraîche

Parmesan & rosemary fries (v)   8€

Twice dipped hand cut fries mixed with fresh rosemary & parmesan, served with jalapeño lime aioli

Chili cheese fries (v)   12€

Twice dipped hand cut fries baked with our homemade vegetarian chili & melted cheese, topped with crème fraîche & spring onion

Small or large mac & cheese (v)   8€/12€

Elbow pasta baked with cream, four cheese mix, toasted breadcrumbs chives & paprika

Add ons:

jalapeños 3€ bacon 4€ half avocado 4€ fried egg 3€ halloumi 4€ feta 2€ sliced sausage 4€ shrimp 6€ fried chicken 6€ grilled steak filet strips 8€


-All our sandwiches bread are made in house. Although we do not provide gluten free bread, any of our sandwiches can be made with a crisp lettuce wrap or extra filings as a substitute

-Our fries are hand cut and twice fried. There are traces of gluten in our fryers so please let your server know if you have an allergy

-Our english muffins are vegan while our brioche buns are not, please inform your server if you have a preference for any of our sandwiches

-all sandwiches and burgers come with your choice of regular hand cut fries or sweet potato fries


Replace any of our sandwiches with a vegan ‘Beyond Burger’ patty for +5€

The original bighorn burger 16€

180g of lean ground beef cooked to order with melted cheddar, grilled onions, fresh iceberg lettuce, with a lime & jalapeño aioli on a brioche bun

Sweet potato quinoa vegan burger (vg) 16€

A patty of our own mix of roasted sweet potato, chickpeas, quinoa, red beans, jalapenos, and spices, served on a vegan english muffin and topped with an avocado pesto & pepper chutney

B.L.A.T.CH 17€

Bacon, lettuce, avocado pesto, hierloom tomato & a crispy fried chicken filet served on a brioche bun with spicy sriracha aioli

Add ons:

jalapeños 3€ bacon 4€ half avocado 4€ fried egg 3€ halloumi 4€ feta 2€ sliced sausage 4€ shrimp 6€ fried chicken 6€ grilled steak filet strips 8€ extra beef patty with cheese 10€

Bowls & salads

Salmon poke bowl 16€

Chilled sesame rice, pickled carrots & cabbage, fresh cucumber, avocado & marinated salmon topped with spicy sriracha aioli, sesame seeds and fried onions

Vegan buddha bowl 16€

Crispy dukkah chickpeas, quinoa, roasted sweet potato & spinach, fresh cucumber & pickled ginger with spicy peanut satay sauce topped with toasted peanuts

Vegan dragon bowl 14€

Chilled sesame rice, pickled carrots and cabbage, fresh edamame beans, avocado, bamboo shoots & charred teriyaki broccoli with homemade creamy chipotle dressing, topped with fried onions & sesame seeds

Classic chicken caesar salad 16€

Crunchy mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, fresh red onion, bacon crumble & crispy fried chicken, mixed with homemade caesar dressing

Large plates

Creole BBQ ribs 15€

Slow cooked baby back pork ribs with green apple coleslaw, home made mango chutney and hand cut fries

Steak tacos 21€

two homemade flour tortillas filled with steak filet, sweet peppers, red onions & jalapeños, topped with fresh grated cheddar, spring onion & créme frâiche

Add ons:

jalapeños 2€ bacon 4€ fried egg 3€ half avocado 4€ halloumi 4€ sliced sausage 4€ shrimp 6€ fried chicken 6€ grilled steak filet strips 8€

Little bighorn burger 10€

Home made burger bun served with 180g beef patty and a side of hand cut fries
– Add cheddar cheese 2€

Stove cooked mac and cheese 6€

Cream, mozzarella, white and orange cheddar, stove cooked with elbow pasta

Crispy chicken strips and chips 8€

Oven baked & breaded chicken tenders served with hand cut fries

Deep dish pizza 8€

Homemade flatbread baked with tomato sauce and cheese

NY style cheesecake 10€

With whipped cream, pistachios & fresh fruit

White chocolate bread pudding 8 €

With chocolate sauce & whipped cream

Vegan fresh fruit crumble  6 €

Add; whipped cream or vanilla ice cream 2 €

The take away menu is available for pickup throughout our regular service hours