Side fries / large fries (v)   6/8€

Twice dipped hand cut fries

Parmesan and rosemary fries (v)   10€

Twice dipped hand cut fries with jalapeño aioli

Courgette  soup (vg)   10€

Vegan soup with mixed courgette served with rice

Homemade nachos (v)   13€

Homemade flour tortilla chips smothered in melted cheese, topped with roasted tomato salsa and crème fraîche

Chili cheese fries (v)   12€

Fries, chili, melted cheese, topped with crème fraîche

Mac and cheese (v)   8/14€

Elbow pasta baked with cream, four cheese mix, breadcrumbs and, paprika

Mediterranean quesadilla (v)   10€

Two home made flour tortillas, roasted sweet peppers, red onions, spinach, spicy mango chutney, melted mozzarella and fresh feta. Served with a spring salad.

Add ons:

Jalapeños 2, bacon 4, fried egg 3, half avocado 4, halloumi 4, crispy breaded chicken 6, grilled steak strips 10, honey-soy marinated & grilled salmon 6

Ask your server about our gluten free options

All our sandwiches are served on homemade bread and come with hand cut twice dipped fries

The Beyond Burger is a plant-based meat replacement that looks and tastes like a juicy burger. It contains no GMO’s, soy or gluten and is made in France.

Replace any of our sandwiches with a Beyond Burger patty for +5€

The original bighorn burger 16€

180g of lean ground beef cooked to order with melted cheddar, grilled onions, fresh iceberg lettuce, with a lime and roasted jalapeño aioli on a brioche bun

Sweet potato quinoa vegan burger (vg) 16€

A patty of our own mix of roasted sweet potato, chickpeas, quinoa, red beans, jalapenos, and spices, served on a vegan english muffin and topped with an avocado pesto, and sweet pepper chutney

B.L.A.T.CH 17€

crispy bacon, lettuce, avocado pesto, hierloom tomato, breaded chicken filet, and spicy siracha aioli served on a brioche bun

Add ons:

jalapeños 3, bacon 4, half avocado 4, fried egg 3, halloumi 4, feta 2, grilled black angus strips 10, honey-soy marinated & grilled salmon 6, crispy breaded chicken 6, extra beef patty with cheese 10

Winter super bowl (vg) 12€

Turmeric, cinnamon, cranberry, quinoa, crispy dukkah chickpeas, beetroot, toasted cashews, mixed seeds and orange balsamic glaze

Add ons:

Jalapeños 2, bacon 4, fried egg 3, half avocado 4, halloumi 4, crispy breaded chicken 6, grilled steak strips 10, honey-soy marinated & grilled salmon 6

Baby back ribs 15€

Classic American style BBQ pork ribs served with a home made mango chutney, apple slaw and frites

Steak tacos 21€

Two homemade soft flour tortillas with grilled angus steak strips, caramelized red onion, mixed peppers & jalapenos, topped with grated cheddar cheese, crème fraiche & fresh spring onion

Salmon poke bowl 17€

Chilled sushi rice, soy honey marinated salmon, pickled red cabbage, carrots, fresh cucumbers, avocado, crunchy fried onions, sesame seeds, spring onion & spicy siracha aioli

Peanut satay stir fry (v) 16€

Pan fried crispy egg noodles with carrots, mixed sweet peppers, and mangetout, topped with homemade spicy peanut sauce, crushed peanuts, red cabbage, and chives

+Grilled steak strips 10

+Crispy breaded chicken 6

+Honey-soy marinated & grilled salmon 6

Homemade chili and tortillas (v) 14€

Mixed vegetables cooked down & blended with crushed tomato with beans, corn, fresh peppers & coriander served with grated cheddar cheese, crème fraiche & spring onion.

Small or large mac & cheese (v) 8/14€

Baked elbow pasta, four cheese mix & cream

Add ons:

Jalapeños 2, bacon 4, fried egg 3, half avocado 4, halloumi 4, crispy breaded chicken 6, grilled steak strips 10, honey-soy marinated & grilled salmon 6

Kid’s burger 12€

Home made burger bun served with 180g beef patty and a side of hand cut fries
+ Cheddar cheese 2

Stove cooked mac and cheese 6€

Cream and four cheese mix with elbow pasta

Little caesar 6€

Chopped lettuce, homemade caesar dressing, parmesan and croutons
+Crispy breaded chicken 6

Chicken tenders and chips 8€

Crispy breaded chicken tenders served with hand cut fries

Apple and blackberry tart 5€

Served with whipped cream

Classic NY style cheesecake 10€

With whipped cream, chocolate sauce and toasted pistachios

Red fruit crumble (vg) 6€

With mixed red fruits & brown sugar and oats

White chocolate bread pudding 8€

With chocolate dipping sauce


Bighorn’s famous Pies & Cakes

Pre order 48h in advance whole desserts for your friends & family to enjoy (feeds 6-8 people)

Apple strudel 18€

With whipped cream

The bighorn pumpkin spice cheesecake 45€

With candied pecans, caramel sauce and whipped cream

Classic NY style cheesecake 35€

With whipped cream

Oreo cake 45€

Chocolate cake with Oreo cream filling

Lemon tart parfait 25€

With homemade crust, lemon curd and whip cream

White chocolate bread pudding 35€

With chocolate dipping sauce

Cinnamon rolls 20€

Tray of six cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting

Craft beer pack 35/60

Assorted pack of 6 or 12 craft beers

Mulled wine  5

Home made mulled wine by the glass

Tap craft beer 3.5/6

Rotating draft beer

Take away bottles

Rosé wine btl

Gourmandise IGP méditerranée 2019 12.5% 7

75cl saint tropez france

White wine btl

De laumont chardonnay 2018 12% 9

75cl Pays D’oc France

Les Roitelières muscadet 2018 12% 9

75cl Loire France

Domaine de l’Aumonier sauvignon 2019 13.5% 15

75cl Touraine France

Columbia crest chardonnay grand estates 2016 13.5% 18

75cl washington state USA

red wine btl

Chateau vincens malbec 2016 14% 9

75cl AOP cahors france

Ganadero rouge granache 2018 14.5% 9

75cl méntrida spain

Santa rita secret reserve pinot noir 2017 13.5% 18

75cl maipo valley chile

Party packs & cocktails


Boat house punch 55

Dry gin, aperol, st. germaine, fresh orange, lemon & grapefruit juice, lemon sugar, sparkling rosé – 33 serves

Sparkling rose margarita 35

Strawberry basil infused tequila, sparkling rosé, fresh lime juice, agave, fresh pomelo – 12 serves

Mulled wine 20

Red wine, cognac, cointeau, fresh citrus & spices – 5 serves

Take away cocktails

Bootstitch 15

Blended whiskey, fresh grapefruit & lime, agave, jalapeños & rosemary – 3 serves

If pigs could fly 20

Pinkster gin, chambord, fresh lime, aromatic tonic, and fresh berries – 3 serves

Mile high 15

Botanist gin, chamomile syrup, fresh lemon juice, sage – 3 serves

Midnight marauder 15

Mezcal, sweet vermouth, amaro, chocolate bitters – 3 serves

Tokyo sour 16

Nikka from the barrel, yuzu spirit & purée, fresh lemon juice, agave, physalis – 3 serves

Hot drinks

Espresso     1.5
Espresso double    3
Flat white    4
Cappachino    4
Tea    2.5
Hot chocolate    4.5
Hot chocolate with rum    8


Coke    3
Perrier    3
Ice tea zero    3
Orangina    3
Sprite    3
Bundaberg Gingerbeer    5