burgers & salads

ask your server about our gluten free options

all our sandwiches are served on homemade bread and come with hand cut twice dipped fries

The Beyond Burger is a plant-based meat replacement that looks and tastes like a juicy burger. It contains no GMO’s, soy or gluten and is made in France.

Replace any of our sandwiches with a Beyond Burger patty for +5€


the original bighorn burger   15€

180g of lean ground beef cooked to order with melted cheddar, grilled onions, fresh iceberg lettuce, and homemade roasted jalapeño aioli on a brioche bun

sweet potato quinoa vegan burger (vg)   16€

a patty of our own mix of roasted sweet potato, chickpeas, quinoa, red beans, jalapenos, and spices, served on a vegan english muffin and topped with an avocado pesto, and pepper chutney

b.l.a.t.   13€

crispy bacon, lettuce, avocado, hierloom tomato, and spicy siracha aioli served on home made bread


menu add ons;

jalapeños 3, bacon 4, half avocado 4, fried egg 3, halloumi 4, feta 2, grilled black angus strips 10, smoked salmon 6,  extra beef patty with cheese 10, substitute gluten free with lettuce wrap or grilled eggplant

autumn bowl (vg)   14€

spinach, quinoa, orange balsamic glazed beetroot, cashews, mixed seeds, avocado and agave mustard dressing

classic chicken caesar salad   14€

grilled chicken on fresh crunchy lettuce with a creamy caesar dressing topped with sourdough croutons, parmesan and bacon crumble


menu add ons;

jalapeños 2, bacon 4, fried egg 3, half avocado 4, halloumi 4, grilled chicken 5, grilled black angus strips 10, smoked salmon 6