Events at Bighorn Bistro

Did you know that we host wedding receptions, film screenings and presentations in the heart of Chamonix? Our home is a location that is not just for the base jumpers, steep skiers, extreme alpinists and ultra-runners.  It’s also where people come to get married, throw a bachelor party, a birthday party, a going away party, an avalanche awareness course for aspirant mountain guides or an Ultra Trail Mont Blanc after party!  It is not at all straight forward to find a venue that will take on more than 20 people short notice for a sit down dinner or a reception party for 130 out-of-town visitors.

This past winter two rugged looking mountain men with thick accents wandered into Bighorn Bistro with their eyes wide and an undertone of desperation in their voices as they nervously asked if we might have space for 40 speed riders to come eat and watch their daily daring parachuting footage on our giant projector screen.  The quiver in their voices told the story of repeated rejection and I could tell they were beginning to give up all hope of piling 40 rowdy skiers who think skiing fast isn’t quite exciting enough, why not fly off cliffs attached to small parachutes and see how that goes! I of course said yes and was quite excited to see the videos they were going to be showing from their insane Chamonix adventures.

The night arrived and I honestly began to think they wouldn’t show.  I imagined trying to wrangle the equivalent of two frat houses from an American state school except all the frat boys were from all over the world and instead of beer pong as a ritual pastime sport, these guys flew off mountains on skis with go pros attached to their heads as they careen through trees and weaving lines of ski schooling kids.  Finally, they began to trickle in.  First by twos and threes, then in droves until they filled the bar and the beer flowed.  Soon the restaurant was filled with laughter and the calmness that comes from eating together with friends and colleagues after a long day.  However, with that tranquility also comes the looseness of one too many Brooklyn IPAs!

After a year, we have accumulated a host of experiences catering private events such as wedding receptions and corporate presentations.  We have done 40th birthday parties with live bands and Halloween parties with decorations, costumes and Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings!

We offer special menus that cater to your party needs and budget.  We are one of the few venues that can feed 60 people and entertain over 100 with amazing cocktails and great service in the heart of Chamonix.

Breakfast in Chamonix: the most important meal of the day

pancakesBreakfast in Chamonix is hard to find! When you book your trip to Chamonix for a week of skiing or an epic summit in the Mont Blanc Massif or just to wander the quaint streets and hillsides, you are not necessarily thinking of how you are going to start your day.

France’s breakfast pastries are well known and beloved by locals and tourists alike!  However, to get the fuel you need to tackle all of the adventures that this amazing town has to offer, Bighorn Bistro and Bakery has the breakfast that gets you where you need to go.

spoonMy family and I first realized this gap in the dining market years ago when we were just kids and my parents were desperately trying to get some food in our bellies before subjecting us to hours on the ski hill!  Years later, once we were grown and tackling our own mountain adventures this niche presented itself again and we began to formulate a plan to open Bighorn Bistro.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you about to go burn 2000 calories on the hill!  Whether you are trying to feed your family or if you are a mountain guide and you need to get your clients going for their daily adventures, Bighorn is a good place to start.

When you sit down at a diner anywhere in America you have a very good idea what you will find.  Wholesome food, maple syrup, sweet and savory options and of course a bottomless cup of drip coffee!  We have tried to emulate this experience with the fundamental difference being our determination to home make everything and provide comfortable seating for a breakfast that could last hours.

Bighorn falls in the cross section between a bohemian Portland, Oregon coffee shop and a Jackson Hole, Wyoming brunch restaurant.

We offer a full breakfast all week starting at 10am during the summer and inter-seasons and 9am during the winter season.  Bighorn Bistro’s breakfast is a unique take on a traditional American brunch complete with Eggs Benedict, Buttermilk Pancakes and more.  Our dishes are all homemade and geared to get you up the mountains all day!

french toast

Our first Chamonix winter

For those of you that don’t know we only opened our doors here in Chamonix in June of 2015, and having had the most amazing summer we really cannot wait to continue providing American influenced food and service to everyone that passes through our doors.

We have been continually changing our offer in the way of new menu items based on customer feedback and we are growing our beer, wines and spirits offering week on week. We’ve recently added a cocktail menu to our drinks list and have employed some experienced mixologists to keep you surprised with well crafted cocktails that include classics, reinvented staples, spontaneous creations and everything in between.

We pride ourselves on being a family here at Bighorn and we’ll be putting on plenty of family orientated events throughout the winter season. Don’t forget that all children under the age of six get to eat for free with an accompanying adult.

So with Christmas fast approaching remember we are open seven days a week and have plenty of exciting things happening over the next two weeks; more details are available on our events page.

We hope just like us, you are praying to the snow god, Ullr, in the hope that we may be blessed with a white Christmas here in Chamonix!

Merry Christmas everyone!